Dream Adventures

Things to do, places to see, experiences to have.  This page is the stuff my dreams are made of.  You could call it a bucket list if you want to, but I think of it more as a vacation planning list.  I look at it, and find myself thinking “So much rock, so little time…”

Rock Climbing/Mountaineering Adventures:

  • I want to climb at the Gunks, in upstate New York.  
  • I’d really enjoy going back to Yosemite, and actually spending a significant amount of time climbing.
  • I want to climb Grand Teton, in Wyoming.  
  • I want to go to Linville Gorge and Looking Glass in North Carolina.
  • I want to get strong enough to climb (and enjoy it!) at the New River Gorge in West Virginia.  
  • I want to climb at Red Rocks in Kentucky.  
  • Climb Denali in Alaska.
  • Climb Mt. Rainier in Washington State. 

Backpacking Adventures:

  • I’d like to hike the whole AT by the time I’m 30.
  • I really want to experience at least a week on the Rocky Mountain Trail.
  • I’d like to climb Mt. Washington in the snow (winter maybe, but I’d settle for the fall or early spring too).
Paddling Adventures:
  • I’d actually like to become proficient at rolling a kayak.  I knew how to do it at one point, but I couldn’t do it to save my life at this point (literally).
  • Raft the Colorado through the Grand Canyon.  I’ve heard its a blast.

Travel Destinations:

  • Oregon.  Probably one of my favorite states in the Union.
  • Alaska is up there too.
  • Yellowstone National Park.  I got to spend 24 hrs. in Yellowstone, and it wasn’t nearly enough.  I was glued to the window of the bus the entire time.  I want to go back and actually hit the ground with my boots on.
  • Great Smoky Mountain National Park.   We went for a few days, and both Melissa and I agree that we need to go back.  The question is just when, not if.
  • I should note that pretty much every national park is on this list.  Melissa and I have made it a goal to visit all of them.  We’re actually doing pretty well at this point.

International Stuff:

  • Hike the Inca Trail in Peru.  The trail is around 27 miles long, and ends at Machu Picchu.  The only problem with the whole thing is that you have to a) get a permit, and b) go with a guide service.  I’d rather do the whole thing on my own, and be a bit more self sufficient, but oh well.
  • Trek to Mt. Everest Base Camp.  at 17,600 feet or so, its actually taller than any peak in the continental US.
  • I’d like to hire a guide and climb the Matterhorn in Switzerland.
  • Go to Israel/Palestine.  I’ve always been fascinated by this part of the world.

2 thoughts on “Dream Adventures

  1. Hey Ethan, awesome blog – tons of good info! I’m from NJ and have been dying for a winter Mt. Washington climb too. If you’re in the NH area in April, I plan on doing Tuckerman’s Ravine to climb Mt. Washington. Right now it’s just me, but as it’s one of your dreams too I wanted to extend the invite. Keep up the blog and happy travels!

    • That would be awesome! I’ll need to see how things look a little closer to April; money is super tight right now, and I really don’t have any alpine/mountaineering gear. Let’s stay in touch, and if I can’t swing it this April, I’ll try to be able to at some point so you can do a repeat!

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