So It Begins…


Traditional first day of school picture

Queue up the feels, the day has finally come.  Eli has started kindergarten.

It’s been a year of firsts for the little guy.  He turned 6, went to camp for the first time, and became a fervent Gaga ball player.  This is just another in the stack.  This is bigger than the other firsts, and marks the transition from “little kid” to “bigger kid.”  Its hard for me to believe it’s finally time, seems he was a baby a second ago but now he’s waiting for the bus with his brand-new Deadpool backpack (don’t worry, he hasn’t seen the movie), and his lunchbox.

Yesterday was Day 1; Mel swore in the lead up that she would cry (she didn’t).  Eli was positively vibrating with excitement the night before.  He came home last night and said he had a great time, and that he had made a friend “who has the same shoes!”  I only hope that he stays this enthusiastic about school for the rest of the year!  There was no sign of diminished excitement as he got on the bus today for Day 2.


He looks so small!

We’re so lucky that the leadership and teachers at John C. Myers Elementary so clearly care for their small charges.  Being an elementary school teacher, administrator, or staff is clearly a calling, not a job.  As a side note, whomever came up with the mascot for the school is a genius.  The local high school is “The Gobblers,” named after turkeys (it’s a big poultry producing area), so it makes sense that the elementary school is “The Jakes” (jakes are baby turkeys).  The baby turkey mascot is named “Clarence,” after the school namesake.  I love it.

I’m sure there will be challenges and loss of enthusiasm as the reality of the next 13 years of formal education set in (ugh…that sentence was hard for ME to get my head around).  But I pray Eli will never stop seeing life and school as an adventure, and that he will maintain his curiosity and excitement.  I also pray for his teachers, principals, lunch ladies, bus drivers, and everyone else who plays a role in shaping him into an adult and a citizen; you’re doing incredibly important work, and I’m very grateful.

Also, Eli is crazy noisy and excitable, you folks are going to need all the prayer you can get!