Exotic Critters, Open Top Busses, and Creative Thermoregulation

That may be one of the more cryptic titles I’ve ever written.  I promise it will make sense.  Lots of pictures in this post; feel free to click on any of them if you want a closer look!

We just got back from a week volunteering at Camp Hebron in Halifax, PA.  It was a tremendous week, and we really enjoyed meeting the camp staff, interacting with campers, and serving.  Mel spent the week as the camp pastor for the Explorers group, which are elementary-aged kids.  I led three days of rock climbing with the middle-school aged Alpha Adventure kids, then helped out around the edges as needed.

After the camp week ended, we decided to unwind by visiting Lake Tobias Nature Park, which is famous for taking visitors on a safari in open-top busses.  The kids were thrilled, until it began to rain.  The “creative thermoregulation” bit happened after the tour; I did my best “Daddy Monster” impression and chased the kids around a bit to build up some body heat!

That night, we journeyed to Hershey, PA.  The name should ring a bell–Hershey Chocolate is based there.  We met Liz and Jared, old friends from our pre-RVA days, for dinner followed by Hershey’s Chocolate World, a (heavily commercialized) tour explaining the chocolate making process, complete with group photos!

On Sunday, we snuck down to Gettysburg and spent some time exploring the battlefield.  We spent a lot of time examining artillery, but eventually the heat and excitement got the better of the littler members of our crew, and we headed back to Halifax, PA to drop Eli off at Camp Hebron for Pioneers!

One last event of note; Ezra turned three yesterday!  He requested a “blue cake,” and Mel delivered!  He also got a big truck and a Thor action figure.  I can’t believe he’s already three!  It feels like he was a newborn just the other day!

Today we pick Eli up from camp!  According to the pictures shared by the camp, he looks like he’s having a great time!  I’ll be sure to share some stories he tells us later this week!

If you’d like to follow our adventures more, feel free to click “follow” on this blog!  Till next time!


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