On the Cyclic Nature of Existance

The title is a fancy way of saying “its funny how life goes in circles…”


Would you let this guy take care of you?

Would you let this guy take care of you?

Three years ago, I started this blog and wrote many posts from the Ski Patrol Aid Room at Massantten.  That’s me, three years ago at about this same time of year, happy in my radio harness, with my trauma shears and radio.  I waxed eloquently about how happy I was to “work a job where I got to choose what clothing I wore based on the weather report,” and also wrote with anticipation of the arrival of a child(who bore the pseudonym of Bean at that point).  I also wrote with excitement about my first set of skis.

Of course, if you’ve followed me you know that Bean turned out to be an Eli, and that the winter in the Aid Room gave way to a move to Richmond, where I traded my skis for an ambulance, and my OEC certification for EMT/Paramedic Student.  Recently I’ve been fairly quiet about everything.  I just haven’t had time to write!  Work life has been crazy; personal life has also been mostly crazy!

For those of you who were following my exploits as a paramedic student, you may be excited to know that as I write this, my certification cards list me as a full state and national registered Paramedic.  I made the grade!  Last monday, I began the final leg of my journey towards becoming a full Richmond Paramedic by starting my preception time, in which my ability as a medic will be evaluated.  After 22 shifts (which should be sometime mid-January), I should be released.

Back in the radio harness, a few years older with a few more pounds (I'm working on it).

Back in the radio harness, a few years older with a few more pounds (I’m working on it).

The title, however, refers to where I’m currently writing this post, and some other developments in my life.  I’m writing, once again, from the Ski Patrol Aid Room at the Massanutten ski slopes.  I again have the old, familiar radio harness attached to my chest and my trusty hiking boots on my feet, and I’m once again caring for those who have found themselves (unfortunately) at the crossroads where gravity, speed, and low-friction surfaces meet.  My skis are leaning against the wall waiting for the end of my shift, when I’ll go out for a turn or two and see if my somewhat older body remembers how to ski (I’ll start slow, I promise).

I’m able to do this because with the paramedic certification came a raise, which allows me to commute to the valley once or twice a week and spend a day among the mountains I love, with people who feel similarly.  I’m not able to be here as often as I’d like, but that’s the price we pay for financial security, medical insurance, a decent car, and the ability to travel a bit.  We’re still living in Richmond, but one improvement at a time.

baby_cartoon_st8The other deja vu has nothing to do with the ski patrol, or with EMS/outdoor medicine whatsoever; those that are friends on Facebook will already know this.  We are once again expecting!  Baby #2 has been given the pseudonym “Noodle,” because once again we are not going to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl.  Noodle will be joining use around June 25, 2015.  So once again, the baby picture icon will be making an appearance on my blog.

We are, of course, a week away from Christmas, and just over two weeks from a new year.  So, if I’m not able to blog between now and then, may you and yours have a beautiful December, a wonderful Christmas, and a New Year filled with adventure!