I Found This…

…And it is beautiful.  This is a time lapse video shot in Yosemite National Park, which I found on the National Geographic website.  It features some of the major landmarks in Yosemite, but shot from some lesser seen perspectives.  I’ve seen something similar from these guys before, but I believe this is their second, better, effort.  For best results, maximize the screen, turn down the lights, and turn up the sound.  Let it load totally before you hit play, you don’t want to have to pause while it buffers.

Yosemite HD II from Project Yosemite on Vimeo.

Also, for you Richmonders, Dominion RiverRock is coming up!  A mountain sport festival here in RVA, over the weekend of May 17-18.  Which, incidentally, also happens to be my birthday weekend, so one additional reason to party.  Website at the link, and the Facebook page is pretty awesome; befriend me on Facebook or check out my profile if you want to get the link to it.  Or you could just search for it.  Whichever.


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