Lost Two More!

You may have noticed, lately, that most of my posting is done on Mondays.  The simple fact is, Monday is one of my day’s off, so I typically spend it at my mother-in-law’s house, taking care of Eli and doing laundry while Melissa is at work.  Since there is wifi at the mother-in-law’s, I’m able to update and share what I’ve been thinking about for the past week.

I just finished week two of my fitness plan/diet.  I’m very happy to report that I lost two pounds in the past week!  My goal has been to loose one pound per week, but I won’t begrudge the added bonus.  So, in the spirit of celebrating one’s accomplishment:

Photo on 2013-04-01 at 15.29

Moving on.

This past week was difficult.  I went over on my daily calorie count several times, but managed to still finish 613 calories under my weekly account.  It was also a good week for exercise; I managed to get some sort of physical activity in on almost every day.  So, good things so far:

  1. I’m getting better at finding opportunities for exercise.  
  2. Hardly any fast food last week!
  3. I stayed below my (shrinking) weekly calorie count!

As always, room for improvement:

  1. Still need to make exercise a daily thing.  This has been tough; the only time I have to go for a walk/run on work days is early morning.  It’s been hard to wake up at 5AM lately because Eli isn’t sleeping well (He’s teething).  If Eli dosen’t sleep well, I don’t either, and that makes it hard to wake up.
  2. Despite finishing under my weekly calorie count, I still went over several times on my daily counts.  I need to keep each day under my daily count.
  3. I’ve noticed that a lot of my daily intake is from snacking.  I need to cut down on snacking, and concentrate on waiting until meal times!

For those of you into stats, here is the weekly report:

Weekly Report for week of March 25, 2013

Daily Summary
Budget Food Exer. Net +/- Weight
Mar-25-13 2,428 2,818 244 2,573 145 224
Mar-26-13 2,428 2,474 2,474 46
Mar-27-13 2,428 2,383 160 2,223 -204
Mar-28-13 2,428 2,342 393 1,949 -479
Mar-29-13 2,428 3,121 3,121 693
Mar-30-13 2,428 3,037 729 2,307 -120
Mar-31-13 2,428 2,356 622 1,734 -694
613 calories under for the week
2,149 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 0 pounds this week
Fat (g) Carb (g) Prot (g)
Mar-25-13 94 299 160
Mar-26-13 111 280 98
Mar-27-13 95 284 81*
Mar-28-13 88 292 91
Mar-29-13 119 417 102
Mar-30-13 71* 295* 74*
Mar-31-13 69* 305* 100*
Totals 647 2,172 706
Daily Avg 92.4 310.3 100.9
Percent 34% 50% 16%

* some foods logged on this day are missing this nutrient data


4 thoughts on “Lost Two More!

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  2. Congrats on the weight loss. I have been using Lose It for the past 2 years and it is one of the reason I have lost 87 lbs to date. Looking forward to reading more about your journey.

    1. Thanks! I actually started using Lose It! after I read your blog. I’ve been very happy with it so far. I’ve also enjoyed reading your blog; truly inspiring. I’d really like to try a triathlon someday. Keep me posted on your progress!

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