I found this photo, with the quote, on The Chive a couple days ago.  I found it inspiring, and wanted to share it.


My diet went well for the first week.  My calorie count went over on Friday and Saturday, but my overall weekly calorie count was less than my budget, so that’s good.  Also, small success: according to my mother in law’s scale, I have lost a pound, and am currently at 224 lbs.  This means that I’m on track with my goal, which was to lose a pound a week.  So that’s good.  I feel it’s important to celebrate one’s successes, no matter how small.  So, here’s the celebration:

Photo on 2013-03-25 at 15.46

And that’s quite enough of that.  Other good things too:

  1. I’m eating breakfast more regularly.
  2. I’m drinking much less soda, and eating much less dessert/”junk foods.”
  3. I’m getting better at choosing the healthy option, rather than the quick/easy/tasty (sometimes) option.  Consequentially, my fast food intake has gone way down.

I have a few things to improve on, of course.

  1. Keep the daily calorie counts under the daily budget.
  2. Lower percentage of fat in daily intake.
  3. Make exercise a regular part of each day.

Here’s the insidious thing about Lose It!  I just realized that they lower your daily calorie budget each week.  So, last week my budget was 2,434 calories per day.  This coming week, my budget will be 2,428.  Not a huge difference, to be sure.  But I have a feeling I’m going to have to get better at making conscious food choices, and also start exercising more.

If you’re into the numbers, here is a summary report for last week:

Weekly Report for week of March 18, 2013

Daily Summary
Budget Food Exer. Net +/- Weight
Mar-18-13 2,434 2,051 2,051 -383 225
Mar-19-13 2,434 2,332 2,332 -102
Mar-20-13 2,434 2,744 536 2,208 -227
Mar-21-13 2,434 2,409 2,409 -25
Mar-22-13 2,434 2,890 2,890 456
Mar-23-13 2,434 2,811 2,811 377
Mar-24-13 2,434 1,800 1,800 -634
538 calories under for the week
536 exercise calories burned this week
Lost 0 pounds this week


Fat (g) Carb (g) Prot (g)
Mar-18-13 82 206 66
Mar-19-13 37* 266* 108*
Mar-20-13 97 326 143*
Mar-21-13 45 401 122
Mar-22-13 131 309 135
Mar-23-13 91* 291* 57*
Mar-24-13 69 188 67
Totals 552 1,987 698
Daily Avg 78.9 283.9 99.7
Percent 32% 51% 18%

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