Well…That was a Good Nap…

I must apologize.  Forgive me father, for I have sinned.  I have been an unfaithful blogger.  It has been…darn near 9 months since my last post.  


The simple fact is, life called and I had to answer!  So I took one of those infamous blogger breaks.  What also contributed do my long absence was lack of internet at our apartment in Richmond.  It’s hard to post when you can’t connect.  Still, that’s not a good excuse because we didn’t have the internet at our last apartment in Harrisonburg either.  

The better excuses are my work and my family.  I’m working as an EMT currently; I work anywhere from 50-60 hours per week currently, which doesn’t leave much time for anything else.  Since the blog is also about outdoor adventures, and they are a bit fewer and more far between since we moved to Richmond, there hasn’t been much to write about.

The other excuse is Elijah; I’ll post about him very soon.

In the meantime, take this as my promise that the posts will start coming more regularly.  


One thought on “Well…That was a Good Nap…

  1. You shouldn’t worry about the blogger breaks. It’s nice to find a new blog post from you in my box, but I don’t fret when you don’t write. Each post is a gift; I for one am not looking them in the mouth. Thank you for this one, and may all be well with you and yours.

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