Winter Reading and Watching

Lets face it; this winter has been a bit disappointing.  Not only has it been unseasonably warm, but on the days when it is warm enough to go climbing, I’ve had to work.  Hopefully this explains why posts about my adventures have been a bit slim.

I’ve, therefore, been reduced to writing about other people’s adventures.  For this post, I’m going to take a page from my friend The Suburban Mountaineer’s book, and make some suggestions for winter reading and watching you may enjoy. 

1.  Jimmy Chin’s Blog:

Several months ago there was an article in National Geographic Magazine about rock climbing in Yosemite.  The article featured beautiful photos of stunning scenery and climbing.  The man behind those photos was sponsored North Face athlete and all around incredible photographer Jimmy Chin.  I found his website online then; its, and it is very well worth the visit.  Speaking of those photos, I’ve embedded a great video about how Chin got those incredible shots. 

2.  Colin Haley’s Blog Skagit Alpinism:  This was one of The Suburban Mountaineer’s favorites, and after drooling over the pictures for the past several days, I have to say I agree.  absolutely stunning photographs of bold lines in Patagonia and elsewhere.  I could spend hours just looking at pictures from this site!  Check it out here at Skagit Alpinism.

3.  The Suburban Mountaineer:  Mr. Szalay, writing from the peakless expanse of Washington DC brings a level of intellectualism to alpinism that isn’t frequently encountered in climbing and mountaineering.  If you want information about good books to read in the outdoor exploration genre, or if you are looking for well-considered essays on risk and climbing ethics, or if you just want the latest on what’s new in the worldwide climbing circles, this is the place to go.  Check it out at The Suburban Mountaineer.

4.  The Climbing Bum:  With a tagline like “Broke and Stoked,” what’s not to like?  I just stumbled on this blog today, and I have to say, its pretty cool.  The author, named Kyle Simmons, is based in California and gets to spend most of his time in Yosemite (the lucky dog).  A great read about the climbing lifestyle we all long for, generously illustrated with great photos and videos.  Check it out at The Climbing Bum

5.  Another Header:  An amateur photographer with a will to travel and an adventurous streak.  I really enjoy going through the pictures of his recent trip to Mt. St. Helens and also his mountain biking exploits.  If you ever just want to soak in the joy of looking at excellent pictures of larger-than-life destinations, this blog is for you.  Check it out at Another Header

6.  Hiking Virginia:  Another blog that I just discovered today, and from the look of the site, pretty new to the blogosphere.  Still, I foresee great things based on what I see now.  I’m looking forward to reading about future adventures!  Check it out at Hiking Virginia.


2 thoughts on “Winter Reading and Watching

  1. Ryan

    Hey Ethan, I recently moved to NoVa and am looking to start natural rock climbing. I don’t have any real experience, but I’m athletic, and want to learn.

    Let me know if you’d like to climb this spring.


    1. Hey Ryan, great to hear from you! I’d be happy to “show you the ropes,” as it were. I’m going to be moving to Luray pretty soon, which means I’ll only be about 45 minutes from NoVA. Once we start getting some warmer weather (like, above 50), let’s start talking about some dates, times, and locations. My email address is, feel free to email me any time.

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