Inter-Holiday Limbo

We are post-Christmas, and still (by about one day) pre-New Year.  Hence, Holiday Limbo!

Life has been good in Harrisonburg, even though the weather has been too warm for the season and for my liking.  We spent Christmas with my family in Harrisonburg, and recently spent a great day in Charlottesville checking out the local shops, ice skating downtown, and seeing a movie (Sherlock Holmes; the second one is great!).

I have officially switched from working as a lifeguard to working with the ski patrol as an aid room attendant.  I actually see more trauma in the ski patrol aid room than I’ve seen in my time as a firefighter/EMT, so its great experience.  Plus, I’m actually looking forward to going to work again, though the warm weather has made me a little nervous; there is nothing more nerve-wracking for an individual who’s paycheck depends on snow than warm weather!  We had a cold night on Wednesday, and the resort was able to make snow, so we should be able to keep limping along.  Hopefully it will actually become winter soon!

Bean continues to grow, and has begun to make him/herself known.  Bean has begun an energetic kicking campaign, especially when Melissa is trying to sleep or sit quietly.  I even got to feel it!  It made me very happy!  We go to the doctor for the first ultrasound this coming week.

There haven’t been many outdoor adventures lately; I’ve been quite busy at work, and my free time (and gas money) have been limited.  As soon as that changes, I will be sure to update.


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