Bean Update

This is going to be a bit of an atypical blog post for me and this blog…  Instead of talking about my latest adventure, I will instead give you a Bean update, and then talk about baby stuff for a bit.

Mel, Bean, and I had a check-up today at the midwife’s.  Bean is doing very well.  We got to hear the heartbeat again, which was very exciting.  The nurses and midwives always seem really surprised when they hear the baby’s heartbeat, and always say “Wow, you have a very active baby!”  Well, he/she gets it honestly!

We’ve also been looking at outdoor baby stuff.  We’ve already found the baby pack we want.  Before we were even expecting, we discovered the Deuter Kid Comfort II pack when we visited Asheville with my family.  We really like the fact that it has a really good packframe and a very very comfortable suspension system.  Basically, carrying this thing will feel a lot like carrying our backpacking packs or my climbing pack, except that a) the pack will contain a passenger, and b) the passenger will be squealing, giggling, and throwing its weight around.  We’re already saving up for this!

We’ve also discovered a retailer of maternity outdoor clothing., with its patented “Belly-glove” technology (I’m not making this up).  We’ve found some really cool stuff on it, including children’s clothing with outdoor-themed alphabet stuff (“C is for Carabineer”); needless to say, we will (hopefully) be outfitting Bean with some of this quality (and very stylish) apparel.



Also, more exciting news!  The end of my time as a full-time, professional lifeguard is near!  I talked to the head of the Massanutten Ski Patrol, and will be moving to the ski slopes aid room full time starting after Dec. 18.  No more bright red shorts!


4 thoughts on “Bean Update

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  2. LaVonne Hammett

    LOL Ethan. I am so happy for you and Melissa and what fun you are having planning for your little “Bean”. Love the onesies! Oh, a whole new world is about to open up to you. And it’s a blessing.. and an adventure! Glad to hear you will be hitting the slopes soon!

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