Another Great Day at Seneca

On Monday, I was finally able to get back to Seneca and climb again.  Josh visited (up from Roanoke), and we were able to snag a nice day (by “nice” I mean “not raining”).  You can read Josh’s sermons each week at his blog!

We climbed six pitches for about a 600 foot elevation gain.  We went up Skyline Traverse, followed by Old Ladies Route.  The day was a huge confidence booster for me, as it was the first time I’ve climbed a multi-pitch at Seneca a) by myself (as in, without my dad), and b) where I’ve done all the leading.  When we did the same routes with my sister Mary, I had dad led the second pitch of Skyline as I was a bit intimidated by the first step.  On Monday, I took a deep breath and was able to muscle through it.

Josh did great!  We both agree that the first step of the second pitch of Skyline wakes you up!  We did discover that we need to work on the rope management/rappel efficiency side of things.  I think keeping the rope straight and untangled during the rappel was honestly the hardest part of the day.

Here are some photos of the day.  We’re also hoping to produce a bit of a video at some point…

This spot isn't very dangerous, but it is exposed!
On lead, looking relieved right after the intense first step at the start of the second pitch.
Josh approaches the second belay ledge on Skyline Traverse.
Starting up the third pitch of Skyline Traverse.
Josh on the traverse (second pitch) of Old Ladies Route.
The final scramble up the fixed line to the summit!
Yep, we made it!
The north peak from the south peak. What a great day to be in West Virginia!
Josh, the Climbing Circuit Rider, on the south peak.
I just had to get a self shot. Hey, La Sportiva, you should give me some free stuff!

2 thoughts on “Another Great Day at Seneca

    1. Hey Bob, good to hear from you! I get out to Seneca as much as I can; lately that hasn’t been as often as I moved from Harrisonburg (2 hours away) to Richmond (4 hours away). I’m hoping to get back a few more times this fall before it gets too cold to have fun climbing.

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