Last Week of the Summer

Today is Sunday; this means that in about 45 minutes, a new wave of campers and their parents will arrive at Camp Hebron.  This will be the last camp week of the summer.  By this time next week, Mel and I will be at home in the Shenandoah Valley, probably (if our current plans hold true) done with church at Alethia and up on a ridge in Shenandoah National Park somewhere.

Last week was pleasantly slow on the first aid side of things.  No major incidents, just some homesick campers with the typical upset stomachs, minor injuries, and allergies.  I also gained a new nickname.  As I walked down the hill from lunch one afternoon, a camper passing with his cabin popped up beside me, said “Hey Nurse-Dude!” and zipped off down the hill.  I am now Nurse-Dude.  As a great superhero, in my cape, purple nitrile protective gloves, and Teva sandals, I stand in the breech between illness, injury, vomit, and the campers of Camp Hebron.

Ok, not nearly that cool.  Still, “Nurse-Dude” would make a pretty cool Marvel comic book.  Wonder what his special power would be…”The incredible power to vaporize vomit!”  I could actually use that.  That way, I wouldn’t have to clean up the spagetti deposited on the grass at the swimming pool by a camper with an upset stomach.  I’d just look at it and ZAP!  No more mess!

Running actually (finally!) felt fairly good today.  Temperatures were such that I didn’t feel like a car without antifreeze, and I actually felt somewhat fit over the first three-quarters of the run.  Friday’s run was a suffer-fest though.  The temperature in the mid-90’s, and I honestly could feel my brain boiling.  I swear that when I jumped in the swimming pool, steam came off the water.  I’m proud of the fact that I went running, more to keep up the habit of running.  Though in retrospect, someone with my propensity for heat stroke probably should not have been out running at that time in the afternoon.

Looks like family vacation will be the week after next.  Asheville, NC, here we come!


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