Climbing at the Olympics? Maybe!

I was checking out the 2011 Teva Mountain Games website (which looks really cool!), and I found a link to the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) website.  Not even knowing that there was an organization like the IFSC, I followed the link and found an interesting bit of news.

Apparently, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) has shortlisted sport climbing as a possible sport for the 2020 Olympic Games program.  The article on the IFSC website says:

“The International Olympic Committee just announced the shortlisted sports for 2020

Durban, South Africa – Sport Climbing is one of the 8 sports shortlisted for the Olympics 2020. The announcement was made by the IOC ahead of the the 123rd IOC session in Durban, South Africa.

The sports in the shortlist will be considered for inclusion in the sports programme of the 2020 Summer Olympiad. Some of the sports included in the list – like baseball and softball – were dropped from the Olympics in 2008, and are looking for reinstatement, while others are not new to the list of possible candidates (karate, roller sports, squash). Toghether with wakeboard and wushu, sport climbing is for the first time ever being considered as a possible addition to the program.

The IOC will take the final decision on the sport to be admitted in 2013, at the 125th IOC session in Buenos Aires.

The comments by IOC President Jacques Rogge on the inclusion of slopestyle events in skiiing and snowboarding in 2014 may sound as a good omen for sport climbing.
“It is growing very fast – said Rogge. You have young, dedicated, spectacular athletes…” which may as well apply to our sport.”

That is pretty much the entire announcement, but you can read it in its original form here.

At this point, only four cities have officially submitted bids for the 2020 Olympic Games; Madrid, Rome, Tokyo, and Istanbul.  There are many more that may submit bids.



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