Running can be Discouraging…

As a First Aid Consultant, I don’t have a very active job.  Basically, I’m paid to stay around the first aid station (otherwise known as the “FAC Shack”), and be on call in case injuries or illnesses happen. Being a FAC is a bit like being a fighter pilot; 99% boredom, interspersed with 1% sheer terror.

So, in an effort to:

  1. Make my day a bit more interesting
  2. Improve my health and physical fitness
  3. Get away from my routine and camp (for a short time)

I have started running each day.  I started this a few weeks ago.

The only problem is, right now I feel like I’m regressing in my running ability rather than progressing.  I went for a run this afternoon, and managed to stumble along for about a mile.  This, of course, made me quite unhappy.  Now granted, several factors played into it.  It’s stupid, crazy hot around here right now, and I have been going for a run mid-afternoon which tends to be the hottest part.  Also, I’m developing an excellent case of shin splints, and I don’t have a rubber band to fix them with.  I’d like to just stop running for the rest of the week until it becomes cooler and I get a rubber band, but I’m afraid to loose what I’ve gained by not running for multiple days in a row.

I know I’ll get there, and I don’t run expecting miracles (more so with hope for the future).  But at the same time, it would feel good to make a  little bit of progress for once…

This is my life...

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