Respite from Camp

We’ve been working hard at camp lately.  All the people working at camp have been feeling the strain of four solid weeks of camp life.  It was time for a break.

The program director arranged for a staff outing this past Saturday.  We all piled into the van and went tubing on the Juniata River.  We put in at the red dot, and took out at the blue dot after making a right turn onto the Susquehanna.

Good times!  After running the shuttle, dropping the vehicles off at the end of the float and smearing ourselves liberally with sunscreen, we climbed onto our tubes and floated off towards destiny. There were only two problems; first, the river was not running very quickly, which meant that we floated off toward destiny (or, if not destiny, at least Duncannon) at speeds which even the turtles we saw sunning on the river banks would not envy.  Second, we were under a beautifully cloudless blue sky, which means that we baked as we floated.  I know how a hot dog feels over the fire.

We attempted to improve our ground covering abilities by rafting all the tubes into a blob, then having a canoe tow us.  Alas, inner tubes are not very maneuverable, and don’t slip easily through the water under tow.  Additionally, as we slowly drifted with the current, sunscreen slowly began to wear off.

We made it to the take out at Duncannon, and had good ice cream (though not as good as the ice cream at Kline’s Dairy Bar back home).  We had  a lot of people with truly epic sunburns.  Luckily, I had decided to wear a quick-dry t-shirt during the day (thank you EHART 2011!), and had escaped major burns, though I did get a little on my arms.

Basically, tubing was a lot of fun, but when it comes to river sports I think I prefer canoeing or kayaking.  There just wasn’t much to do, which explains why all the groups I see tubing back home on the Shenandoah River have a tube devoted to floating a cooler filled with everyone’s favorite beverage along for the ride.  I bet tubing is more fun when you’re hammered…


And now for something completely different (Thank you Mr. Cleese). 



As some of you know, I recently took a Wilderness First Responder course through SOLO.  It was my hope that this course would allow me to upgrade to the WEMT level.  After the course ended, I went ahead and contacted SOLO and inquired what was required to upgrade.

I was mailed a re-certification packet, a stack of paperwork, and a 100 question multiple choice exam (which I had to score at least 70% on).  I mailed all of the required information, as well as the answer sheet for the exam, and a $25 fee back to SOLO, then waited.

I heard back from SOLO within the week (they really have impressive office staff).  I passed!  My card was in the envelope with a letter explaining the re-certification process.

So, I’m now a WEMT.  Woot!



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