Halfway Done

We are finishing up our fourth week here at Camp Hebron with campers, which means there are four weeks of camp to go.  We’re at the halfway point!  Every time I think about the fact that Mel and I have been living here in PA since June 1 I’m a little shocked.

Melissa and her crew (click for larger pic).

Life has been pretty good, though it has also been busy.  Luckily this week has been pretty quiet on the medical side.

Melissa has been able to join the Ultimate Adventure crew on a bunch of their adventures.  She got to go caving with them yesterday, and went rock climbing with them at Chickey’s Rock.  On Monday, she did 10 miles on the AT with her group.  She’s been having a great time, and her group has really seemed to connect well with her.  If you’d like to see more pictures of Melissa, myself, and life at Camp Hebron, check out the Camp Hebron Flickr page.

Melissa at work.

We thought we’d get a relatively cool summer due to the relatively low temperatures so far.  This past week, summer finally caught up to us with temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity.  It almost felt like home!  It’s made my afternoon run a bit uncomfortable, but I’m having a lot of trouble forcing myself out of bed each morning, so running in the morning is out of the question at this point.

We’re still looking for jobs, and at this point nothing is certain.  We may be staying in Harrisonburg when we return, or we may end up moving somewhere else.  I might have two places interested enough to offer interviews, but they haven’t informed me of anything yet.

Also, for those who are in Harrisonburg; we’ll be back in the ‘burg on the weekend of July 16.  We’re both excited to see our friends, family, and cat.  We’re planning on seeing HP #7 part #2 on Saturday night, if anyone wants to come with…


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