One Year

So, I was sitting in my dorm lounge, absolutely exhausted from cross country practice that day and watching something brainless on the Discovery channel.  I had my feet propped up, and I was half asleep.  Melissa walked in, looking for the ministry assistant from my floor, and stopped to say hi.  She perched on the couch across the room, we traded the usual “you’re new here at college” questions (name, hometown, major, why EMU), and then she moved on.  Neither of us thought we’d really run into each other again.  We ended up dating about a month or two later.

That was almost 6 years ago.

A year ago today, we got married.  We like to say we’ve married our best friend.  I’ve gained a hiking partner for life, and so has Melissa!

It’s been quite a year.  We’ve had fun moments and scary moments (mostly involving money).  We’ve shared enjoyable moments with friends, and learned a lot.  We’re looking forward to the future, even if it is uncertain.

Thanks for everything everyone!  We’ve really appreciated your help in the past year.




About Ethan Zook

I'm 27, and happily married to a pretty girl named Melissa with a little boy named Elijah. From the Shenandoah Valley, currently hanging out in Richmond, VA. I love exploring the wild places around the area. I write two blogs; Mountain Ramblings is about my personal explorations in the mountains and valleys that I live around. In Mountain Rescue Blog, I write about issues faced by rescuers in mountain environments both locally and around the world.
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