Yeah Harrisonburg!

I knew this, but Josh’s little status on Facebook reminded me.  Harrisonburg has been designated an official Appalachian Trail Community by the Appalachian Trail Conservancy

I just want to take a moment and say how wonderful this is.  Melissa and I realized how great the AT was awhile ago, and therefore joined the AT Trail Conservancy.  I just hope that the city capitalizes on it as much as possible, and realizes what a wonderful thing this truly is.

I looked up what an AT Trail Community is and involves, and this is what I found (this comes straight off the AT Trail Conservancy website here):

“The Appalachian Trail Community™ program is designed to recognize communities that promote and protect the Appalachian Trail (A.T.).  Towns, counties, and communities along the A.T.’s corridor are considered assets by A.T. hikers and many of these towns act as good friends and neighbors to the Trail. The program serves to assist communities with sustainable economic development through tourism and outdoor recreation, while preserving and protecting the A.T. Designation as an Appalachian Trail Community™ and participation in the program is aimed to:

  • Engage community citizens, Trail visitors and stewards
  • Thank communities for their decades of service to hikers
  • Act as a catalyst for enhancing sustainable economic development
  • Aid local municipalities and regional areas with conservation planning
  • Help local community members see the Trail as a resource and asset.”

-Appalachian Trail Conservancy

So, yay Harrisonburg!  This makes me proud to have an AT Trail Conservancy sticker on the back of my car.

However, in sadder news; Josh and Jackie are moving away to Roanoke today.  This is sucky.  Adventures in the out-of-doors will still be possible, but will be a bit more difficult.  Good Luck Kings!  We will miss you guys a lot.



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