Camp So Far…

Well, we are at camp. Which has been quite fun so far. Allow me to give you an update.

The drive up was not nearly as bad as we expected.  The car was packed solid, the day was hot (probably mid 80’s, and really humid), and our car is really old.  We were honestly worried the car wouldn’t make it.  We also expected about a 4.5-6 hour trip.  In view of our heavily loaded, old car, we traveled at a steady 65 mph north into PA.

We still arrived after 3.5 hours of driving, just in time for lunch.  We then got checked into our room, which was smaller than we expected.  Still, we have our own bathroom, and we didn’t really bring that much stuff, so we should be fine.   We have a double bed and a set of bunk beds; we promply turned the top bunk into a gear loft.

We took part in adventure training starting the evening we arrived.  We’ve been pleasently surprised to discover that the Appalachian Trail runs about a 1.5 miles from the camp; there is an impressive climb to get there though.  We were able to experience 10 miles on the AT the day after we arrived.

The past week and a half have been wild ride of introductions, training, and new friends.  We just got our first week of real campers today.  Melissa has been kept busy as a camp pastor.  I’ve also been kept busy as a first aid consultant.

We hope to continue our adventures while we are here in PA; I’ve been asking around to find the local climbing areas and hiking areas.  There are a few state parks nearby that I think need some looking into.

More soon!


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