Other Recent Outdoor Adventures

Life hasn’t been all vertical rescue, lifeguarding, and schoolwork for Melissa and I.  We’ve had a couple other fun outdoor adventures as well.  For times sake, I’ll just present a quick list.

1.  Caving at Lost World Caverns:  Lost World Caverns, in Lewisburg West Virginia, has got to be one of the coolest caves I’ve ever been in.  Huge rooms, awesome formations, and its a big cave too!  Dawn invited a bunch of people out to the cave for a birthday bash.  If you get out in that way, you really should stop by, its well worth the admission fee.

Obligatory coupley shot. Photo by Dawn McCoy.
Crap. Stuck. Notice the look of fear.
Melissa got through just fine. She's tiny though.

2.  PCIA Course:  PCIA stands for “Professional Climbing Instructor’s Association,” and you can find a link to the website on the sidebar under Climbing.  I took a three day class this past March to become a Base Managed Climbing Area Instructor.  I enjoyed the class immensely, and learned a lot.  It was a fast paced, very challenging course, made even more challenging by the low temperatures and frequent precipitation.

Group shot of my PCIA classmates and I.

3.  Demands of Life:  We’ve also been working through the various demands of life.  Melissa is almost done with her last full year of Seminary.  She’s been finishing up lots of projects and papers, and has also been filling her part-time job on weekends.  I’ve been working a lot at the waterpark.  This week (so far) I’ve put in 44 hours, and I have another 8 or so to go tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to my last day, which is finally almost within reach (May 6th!).  

In other news (random bit here), my favorite caves in West Virginia are now open again.  So if you’d like a day underground, let me know, I might be looking to head out there at some point.  


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