Why Does This Always Happen On My Days Off?

Just a question; why, why why is the weather so nasty on my days off?  Take this past week.  The weather was beautiful; sunny, with temperatures in the upper 60’s and even mid 70’s.  I was so excited because I had Friday off, and I made plans to go climbing.  After such a beautiful week, what could go wrong?

Apparently plenty.  The weather forecast on Thursday night called for an 80% chance of rain through the whole day with temperatures in the low 50’s.  Crap.  We decided to go anyway and try to grab some climbing before the rain hit in the afternoon.  And we did get some good climbing.

That's Josh up there.

But sure enough, but about 11:30 the rain rolled in and shut our show down.  A cold, wet hike out.  On top of that, it appears my raincoat is leaking in the arms.  Still, a successful day for what we wanted.

Don’t get me wrong; I understand it is spring and that the weather is highly variable.  But beautiful weeks with bad weather on my day off is becoming such a regular thing that I’m almost willing to bet money on it.


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