Favorites from Banff Mountain Film Festival

Just for the record, I didn’t go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  However, I’ve found something cool.  On Youtube, National Geographic has been posting short excerpts from some of the films submitted to Banff; they are excellent, and I’ve been impressed.

Therefore, for everyone who would have liked to go to the Banff Mountain Film Festival, here are my favorite “Radical Reels.”

Ultimate Ride: Renowned kayaker Steve Fisher brings together a crew of big-water pros to experience the force of Africa’s mighty Zambezi River. Steeped in the brotherhood of kayaking, the team runs head-on into two missions: taking on some of the most radical rapids ever recorded and helping a Zambian community face up to the river spirits that control their destiny.

Follow Me: You’re at the head of a trail you have never ridden before. With a knowing look, a friend turns to you and says, “Just follow me!” Whoever says it makes a pretty big difference for what lies ahead. Whether it’s a good idea or not, we almost always drop in. From sending giant step-downs to high-speed trails, it’s always better to share the ride.

Tuzgle: In November 2008, Swiss climber Nina Caprez and nine Frenchmen travel to explore a new climbing spot in Argentina. Nested at 4,200 meters of elevation under the Tuzgle volcano, this altiplano is littered with an unexplored wonderland of boulders and crags. As days fly by, the group realizes that the true value of its discoveries is way beyond its expectations.

Light the Wick: This film is about sparking the flame and watching the world’s best athletes blast off. Once again, TGR’s crew of athletes and cinematographers have raised the bar with some of the ski world’s most jaw-dropping footage. Follow the crew as they discover the previously unskied big-mountain playground of Petersburg, Alaska; enjoy epic powder play at Jackson Hole, Wyoming; and tear up the park at Stevens Pass, Washington.



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