I have a love-hate relationship with spring.  On the one hand, I love it that it’s becoming warmer.  I love that the trees are getting little green and red buds.  I love the longer days.

On the other hand, I hate the climatic variablity.  In other words, I don’t like it that it will go from 68 degrees, sunny with a light breeze to 35 degrees, cold rain and mist.

Take today.  Beautiful morning in the 60’s, partly cloudy, breezy.  Then I get this text message:

“NWS [National Weather Service] has issued a severe thunderstorm watch for Harrisonburg/Rockingham County area effective until 2300 hrs.”

Followed by this:

“NWS has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for southern Rockingham County.  Hail and damaging winds expected.”

The most annoying thing about this whole situation is that I have tomorrow off!  I was hoping to do something fun and outdoorsy, but it looks like I may have to put that off.  It’s currently raining, cold, and windy, with VERY DARK black clouds zipping across the sky.  Added to this is that this weekend they are calling for snow and low 30 degree temps…right during the time Mel and I will be camping in Shenandoah National Park doing Old Rag Mountain Stewards training.

Oy…I can’t wait for April and May…


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