Caving Trip to Keyes Cave

Well, with the onset of late winter, outdoor adventure opportunities have started to become more possible.  We managed to get a caving trip in this past Sunday.

Dawn negotiates a tight crawl.

I discovered a couple months ago that Dawn, a good friend from work, is also an avid caver.  She invited Melissa and I on a caving trip; in return, I promised I’d take her into some of the caves in the area that I know about.  We were origionally going to visit Glade Cave; with the massive amounts of rain we’ve been having, I decided to divert to Keyes Cave, not too far from Franklin, West Virginia.

Despite some mild setbacks (broken down cars, slightly later start, and very slow motorists on rt. 33) we made it to the cave in one piece.

There were more bats in Keyes Cave than I’ve ever seen before.  Usually you see a couple, but they were hanging around in bunches.  A few looked like they had White Nose Syndrome, but I’m hoping that with spring just around the corner and improved insect pickings coming that they will be ok.  Kinda sad to see though…

We finished the day with a great semi-technical tunnel, which required us to chimney down a passageway.  Good times.



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