High Water at Hone Quarry

In case you either don’t live in this area, or do but have been living under a rock, we have recieved a significant amount of rain this spring.  We have recieved so much rain, in fact, that it has put a damper on several planned outdoor adventures.  I’m still a little bitter that a planned multi-pitch day at Seneca Rocks got rained out, but I’m doing my best to move on.  It’s tough though…

Melissa recently got a brand new harness, a pretty little Petzl Luna.  Additionally, Jackie’s climbing shoes came in.  We wanted to christen the new gear, so we planned a day of top roping to celebrate.

We woke up to a cold, rainy morning…and we weren’t feeling it.  The streams were up, and hiking to the top roping area requires four stream crossings.  So, we decided to hike to the Slate Springs waterfall instead.  Of course, we forgot something.  Hiking to Slate Springs requires driving over a low concrete bridge; and with the high water, the low concrete bridge looked like this:

The water was rafting up pretty well on the upstream side of the bridge, and recirculating nicely at the front.  We thought about crossing, but Josh and Jackie have a brand new truck, and we decided we didn’t want to risk sacrificing it to Poseidon.  Discretion is the better part of valor, after all.

So we hiked Lover’s Leap instead.  We got a great view off the top, but could only stay a few minutes due to the weather.  Cold and wet, with a sharp wind from the Southwest.  We figured that it would be warmer, and didn’t bring gloves and hats for warmth (believe it or not, we are actually fairly experienced in the outdoors…but even us experienced folks make beginner’s mistakes sometimes!).

Here is a great shot of the view to the West; some snow up on the upper part of the ridge near Reddish Knob.

All in all, a good day, though I have to admit I’m looking forward to consistent weather.  I understand it’s March, but this “warm day, freezing day, rain day, freezing day, warm day” stuff is driving me crazy.



One thought on “High Water at Hone Quarry

  1. Joshua King

    Hear Hear or is it Here here….either way, I concur! March crazy weather go away and bring us some great weather with no school!

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