Exploration of a Different Sort

When I was a child (and my parents can attest to this), I was fascinated by the US Space Program.   I lived, breathed, and dreamed NASA all day.  It was my goal to be an astronaught, and I eagerly followed everything about the space program that I could.  I still remember the day (I was probably 4 or 5) that I bought a very technical book about the space shuttle, and made mom wade through the technical copy for my nap time reading.

The space shuttle Discovery, one of the first of the orbiters, just took of yesterday on its final trip.  After this mission, STS-133, the Discovery will be retired and sent to a museum.

Space exploration dosen’t involve mountains, rock climbing, or the other usual fare of this blog, but at the same time I wanted to take a moment and draw attention to a group of people involved in a related field.


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