How Caving Actually Is.

This is the type of caving I'm more familiar with...

For those of you who read my opinion of Sanctum a few days ago, consider this a follow up.  I spent a great morning today with my Dad and a gang of boy scouts exploring a local cave.  We had no problems with cave ins, falls from heights, or any other injuries.  I didn’t have to mercy drown anyone either.

Instead, it was a routine trip.  We entered the cave, learned about cave navigation, and then explored some fun smaller tunnels.  We then put the navigation lesson to use.  I handed the guys the cave map, and said “Ok, get us out of here.”  With a few hints, they did a great job.  The fact that I’m putting this post up online should let you know I got out ok; there is no wifi in the cave!

I guess the reason why so many outdoor movies are so terrible is that outdoor adventure, when it goes right, would actually seem pretty routine if someone else was just watching.  While outdoor activities are personally deeply satisfying to those taking part in them, participants in outdoor activities seldom have to make life or death decisions, are rarely subjected to dramatic accidents, and usually don’t end up coming home after loosing all but one of the people involved.

The ironic thing is that Sanctum is based on a true story.  You can (and you really should) read the story here.  I think that the true story would have actually made a better movie…

I haven't had to mercy drown the wife (or anyone for that matter). She's always made it out of the cave with me.

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