New Skier! Clear the Slopes!

We went skiing again.  By now, for those of you who have read my past posts, this is starting to sound repetitive.  Let’s face it; there isn’t much to do in Harrisonburg in the evenings at the best of times, let alone the winter.  Skiing is pretty much the only show in town.  We were joined by Aaron (my brother) and his girlfriend Paige, and by Patrick (who is the expert skier among us).

It started snowing as we were getting ready to leave for the mountain, and when we got there, in addition to the natural stuff, the snow blowers were buisily kicking out clouds of the man-made fluffy stuff.  It was actually quite beautiful…until I started skiing through it.  Did you know that snow is actually small water crystals?  They feel quite soft and fluffy, until you ski at high speed through a curtain of them.  Then it feels like your exposed skin is being sandblasted.  I don’t have ski goggles yet, so the skin around my eyes was quite unhappy, and it was very hard to see at times.

Paige on the slopes. Love the hat.

It was Paige’s first time skiing, and so she worked with Aaron to learn the basics; pizza slice, french fries.  Pizza slice, french fries.  She did very well.  Melissa is building up courage very quickly; she was learning how to turn last night without having to fully pizza slice and slow down before.  And I’m still trying to figure out how to remain in control on steep stuff.  I’ll get it eventually.  Patrick and Aaron went up and did some crazy stuff.

All photos are from Paige’s camera, and were either taken by Paige or Aaron.  I scalped the pictures (I’m pretty sure they won’t mind).  Paige, I’m just joking with the title!  I’ve been there too!


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