The Wife on Skis!

I walked into work today, precisely on time.  I clocked in, and stepped two steps to the right to choose a spot in the rotation.  As I picked up the pen to write my name, the supervisor uttered the magic words: “Good morning.  Do you want to be here today?”  Angels sang, and rays of light shone down.  These words meant that the water park was overstaffed for the day, and that I wasn’t needed.  And this meant that I could go home, and the wife and I could go SKIING!

The wonderful thing about working where I do is the perks; frankly, the salary is a bit low, and the duties of the job can be a bit slow.  However, the job DOES give me free lift tickets and ski rentals.  And since Melissa works there too, she gets the same perks. 

I skied once before this winter, at Mount Hood in Oregon.  On family vacation this January, we all went to Timberline Resort where we all got to take a skiing lesson.  Melissa and I have been happily applying what we learned to our local ski resort. 

While her first skiing trip was somewhat traumatic, Melissa has really taken to skiing.  I do insist that she wear a helmet though; she is accident prone enough that this makes sense.  Don’t worry, I wear one too.


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