Let’s See What the Damage Is…

I always get worried when I see that Hollywood is making a movie about outdoor adventure pursuits.  Let’s face it; so far, 99% of the movies produced about climbing have been abysmal.  Cliffhanger was laughable.  My personal favorite, Vertical Limit, was downright hilarious, even though it was attempting to be terrifyingly dramatic.  I guess the best thing about Vertical Limit was the Ed Viesturs cameo.

When it comes to caving, Descent has been the only entry so far, but its basically a teenage monster flick.

And now, the newest contender in a troubled genre:

Melissa and I are going to see it tonight.  I’ll report in full later.  Wish us luck.


About Ethan Zook

I'm 27, and happily married to a pretty girl named Melissa with a little boy named Elijah. From the Shenandoah Valley, currently hanging out in Richmond, VA. I love exploring the wild places around the area. I write two blogs; Mountain Ramblings is about my personal explorations in the mountains and valleys that I live around. In Mountain Rescue Blog, I write about issues faced by rescuers in mountain environments both locally and around the world.
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