People on Vacation…

Let me preface this; I’m going to rant for a minute. Consider yourself warned.

I work at a large resort in Virginia (which shall remain nameless) as a lifeguard. We have an indoor water park and several swimming pools. Additionally, the resort offers skiing, snowboarding, lodging, horseback riding, and all the other usual things that resorts offer.

I get to see how a lot of people act on their vacation, and I’ve started to notice something; some people get ridiculously stressed out on their vacation. I suspect it is because they feel the pressure exerted by the massive amounts of money they are spending to be on vacation; lodging, food, activity fees, new clothing, childcare (I mean, that’s basically what we as lifeguards are…), transportation, and other random costly “stuff.” I mean, if you’re dropping lots of money on something, you expect to get quality for your money, right?

However, this leads to something interesting. As a lifeguard, my job is to enforce the rules at the water park, which are in place to prevent people from getting injured. And what I’ve noticed is that people on vacation object strongly to others telling them what they can and cannot do on THEIR vacation. “I’m paying for it, so I’ll do what I want!” seems to be the prevailing attitude.

However, what people seem to want to do on vacation is run on slippery surfaces, dive into shallow water, slide down water slides head first, and generally do exactly what is mostly likely to badly injure them. It’s a funny world…


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